We have countless wonderful clients, and we always greatly appreciate when one of them allows us to share their story. In this case, we have the honor of counting Mr. Caracci in that group.

Mr. Caracci tends to wolves that have been rescued from unpleasant circumstances, or given up by owners who were unprepared to care for them properly. Unlike most of us who get to cuddle with our pets every day, his charges require a little more personal space, notwithstanding his tireless dedication and fondness for them.

In this instance, one of his wolves had developed a tumor that had been hidden by her thick winter coat until it became large enough to be noticed from a distance. As soon as he noticed something was amiss, he called us.

With Mr. Caracci’s help we were able to safely sedate her and transport her to our hospital for surgery. She was quite a beauty! She fared well during the procedure, thanks to our fearless and dedicated surgical staff, and was transported safely back home. Just another day in the life of a specialty hospital!

Check out some of these images from the procedure: