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5 Things to Watch Out For If Your Pet Has A Heart Murmur

From the moment your pet is diagnosed with a heart murmur, you’ll probably consider the worst. However, for most pets that have a heart murmur there is no deteriorating heart health problems. In most cases, it does not affect your pet’s quality of life or how long they lives. The prognosis is therefore not for the murmur but for the underlying condition that is causing the heart murmur. This can vary according to the severity of the issue. A heart…

How to Tell If Your Pet is Experiencing An Emergency

As pet owners, we know the importance of regular wellness checkups. But what do you do if the unexpected happens? Do you take them to your veterinarian or are you just over-reacting? Knowing how to identify if something is an emergency is vital, because in many of these cases time is of the essence. But you also don’t want to be the neurotic pet owner and have a hefty emergency bill for something that could have waited until you saw…

Five common mistakes with cancer surgery, and how to avoid them in your dog

Mistake # 1: Watching and Waiting Don’t: Watch the bump or lump. Do: get an aspirate or biopsy. I’ve blogged about this before, but it deserves repeating. No one, not even a boarded oncologist like me, can look at a skin mass, or a mass in the spleen, liver, or lung on imaging, and tell you what it is. I may have an educated guess. But every lump and bump should be aspirated or biopsied so the cells can be…