Anesthesia & Pain Management

About Our Practice:

Our board-certified anesthesiologist provides anesthetic & sedation recommendations for patients undergoing surgical and medical procedures such as endoscopy and advanced imaging techniques, including CT and MRI. General anesthesia is necessary for many procedures that require the patient to be unconscious, as well as providing analgesia to control pain.

About Our Services:

We provide an anesthetic and analgesic plan that is uniquely tailored to each individual patient based on the breed, age, health status, and temperament in order to minimize risks. The anesthesiologist and the experienced veterinary technicians properly supervise your pet from the initial administration of anesthetic drugs until your pet wakes up safely and comfortably from their procedure.

Pets undergoing anesthesia are first given a medication that helps them to relax and may provide analgesia (pain control) prior to the procedure. The pet will then receive an intravenous injectable medication that causes loss of consciousness smoothly and quickly. The patient is then administered gas anesthesia. The vital parameters (heart rate and blood pressure, for example) are carefully monitored before, during, and after the procedure to ensure that your pet is stable and comfortable.

Additionally, our anesthesiologist is available for consultations with outside veterinarians and hospitals concerning managing chronic pain cases, as well as sedation and anesthetic recommendations.

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