DVonna-VarnerD’Vonna Varner

Customer Care Manager

D’Vonna is our Customer Care Manager and has worked for LVVSC since 2006. She has also been the VECC Customer Care Supervisor since their grand opening in 2011. We have a great customer care team, which D’Vonna says makes her job feel very easy!

She chose the field of veterinary medicine for the sheer enjoyment and love she has for animals. When asked about her work, D’Vonna says “I am grateful every day for the advancements veterinary medicine has made and to have the honor to work with such great board certified specialists and see the successes that advanced medicine has accomplished. My favorite thing about working for the specialty center is to meet such wonderful, caring, and just down right good people. The love that our clients have for their pets is amazing. It is so nice to know that there are so many good hearted people in the world. My other favorite thing is to be able to work with such dedicated staff. Our doctors and our entire staff are such incredible people and truly love what they do. I love coming to work (if you can call it work) and be surrounded by the most intelligent and kind hearted people there are.”

When she’s not here with us enjoying her job, she loves spending time with her wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and her pretty Pug. Every once in a while she likes to attempt a game of golf and she “love, love, loves” playing bingo.

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