• Special interests – arthroscopy, elbow dysplasia, thoracic surgery, porto-systemic shunts
  • Board Certified, American College of Veterinary Surgeons 2006
  • European College of Veterinary Surgeons 2007
  • American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 2014
  • Staff Surgeon, Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center, 2005 – present
  • Associate Veterinarian, Mobile Surgical Practice, Las Vegas Veterinary Referral Center, 2005
  • Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery Clinician, 2005 – present
  • Small Animal Surgical Residency, Iowa State University, 2004
  • Research Associate, JD Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory, University of California Davis, 2003
  • The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, BVM (Honours), 1999

David Mason, B Vet Med (Honours), MRCVS, is a Board Certified Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon specializing in Orthopedic, Neurologic, Oncologic and General Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures.

A native of Northern England who grew up on a dairy farm and has been involved with animals his entire life, Dr. Mason earned his veterinary degree with honours from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London in 1999. After graduation he moved across the Atlantic Ocean in order to pursue a Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship at Kansas State Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

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