Nevadans are used to scorching temperatures in the summer, which is why it’s easy to forget that our furry friends aren’t as well adapted to the heat as we are. Follow these tips to keep your pet safe during the summer months.

  • Take Your Pet to Your Vet for a Spring/Summer Checkup– The best way to make sure your pet is in good condition is to bring him or her to the vet for a late spring or early summer checkup. If your pet isn’t on year round preventative medication for heartworm, it would be a good time for him or her to get tested.
  • Shade and Water– It sounds simple, but pet owners too often forget that their pet needs more water when it’s hot outside and that shade is essential for pets like outdoor dogs to cool down. Make sure your pet has plenty of both.
  • Pay Special Attention to Flat Facers– Pets with flat faces such as Pugs or Persian cats cannot pant as effectively as pets with protruding snouts, making them more susceptible to heat related health problems. Always keep a close eye on these pets, especially while outdoors.
  • Cars are not Kennels– Though dogs may seem fine and actually enjoy being in the car, they should never be left alone, even with the windows cracked. When the sun is out and temperatures are soaring, it takes very little time for a parked car to reach upwards of 115 degrees, even with the windows cracked! Never leave your pet in the car alone.
  • Make Sure Your Windows Have Screens– Most people don’t think twice about opening windows to cool down a home down during the summer. But you should always make sure your windows are screened or will not allow a pet to get out, especially if you live in an apartment above the first floor or if your pet likes hanging out upstairs. Numerous pets suffer injuries every year from falling out of unsecured windows.
  • Summer Haircuts can be Hip and Healthy– A summer haircut can go a long way in helping dogs cool down. If you do give your dog a haircut, never trim down to the skin so that he or she still has some protection from the sun’s rays. more frequent brushing of cats can also help them cope with rising temperatures. Never apply a sunscreen or lotion to a pet unless it was made specifically for that animal.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Party Animal– If you take your dog to a party like a backyard barbecue, make sure someone is keeping watch over them. Not only do alcoholic beverages pose a problem if left out where a dog could drink them, but an abundance of potentially hazardous foods are typical at parties.
  • Avoid Fireworks – Though we all love a great fireworks display, it is not safe to light fireworks with pets around. Fireworks contain chemicals that can burn or injure pets who may not know how to respond when they go off. Some fireworks can even scare or agitate your pet, so it may be best to keep them indoors while they are being lit.