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  • 1.Consent: I, and/or ,hereby authorize Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center and its rehabilitation department, Veterinarians, CCRPs, assistants, and qualified representatives to treat my pet, .
    This consent will be valid for ninety (90) days from signing and may be revoked for future treatments at any time.


    2..Treatment: I, consent to all treatments rendered to my pet by Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center which they, in their best judgment, deem appropriate and necessary to preserve and enhance the life and well being of my pet.

    3..Physical Rehabilitation Treatment: Such consent includes, but is not limited to, underwater treadmill, land treadmill, massage, stretching, modalities, therapeutic exercises, and any other treatment commonly recognized in canine/feline rehabilitation.

    4..Waiver of Liability: I agree to hold Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center harmless for any injury or damage to me, my family, or my pet as a result of the rendering of services by the hospital. I understand that there are risks involved in treating animals and I hereby agree to assume all risks arising out of the treatment of my pet by Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center.

    5. Cancellation & Late Policy I understand that in order to offer my pet the best quality of care, the appointments must be kept in a timely manner. I acknowledge that if I am more than 30 minutes late for my appointment (or more than 10 minutes late for a 30-minute appointment), I cause the appointment to become void and I may be charged in full. I also acknowledge that a 24-hour notice is needed if I am going to cancel or reschedule the appointment. If less than 24-hour notice is given, I accept responsibility for the session being void and charged for in full.

    6.Payment: I understand that regardless of the outcome of any procedure(s) or service(s) rendered by Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, that I am responsible for the fees for all services rendered and costs incurred. Even if I am deemed to have abandoned my pet, I remain responsible for all costs and fees incurred on my behalf and that of my pet. In the event litigation is necessary to enforce the agreement contained herein, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover collection costs, attorney fees, court fees, service fees and miscellaneous fees the court of jurisdiction may award. A delinquent account assigned to a Collection Agency will be charged a Collection Fee of 50%, which will be added to the account balance assigned to the Agency. I understand I may contact the doctor, therapist, or staff for an update of current charges at any time. It is my intention to pay Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center for services rendered by one of the following forms of acceptable payment:
    * Available for established clients with prior credit approval

  • 7.Expiration Policy: Pre-paid rehab sessions expire 6 months past the date of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made.

    8.Representatives: I understand that there are no warranties or guarantees as to any services provided by Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center. Any statements made by the hospital as to the likely outcome of any procedures are solely opinions and not made as warranties or guarantees. As with all medical treatment, there are inherent risks, foreseeable and unforeseeable, at the time of entering into this agreement and I specifically agree to assume those risks.

    9.Media Release: I understand that Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center consists of leaders and teachers in veterinary medicine, thus case information and/or photos may be used in teaching, documentation, continuing education, on websites, veterinary literaure, and the like. Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center may take photographs or videos of patients and/or procedures performed. I acknowledge that photos and videos of my pet may be taken and authorize the use in future medical lectures or journal articles, on websites and social media, or used in other forms of media for advertising, publications, and editorials. I authorize the release of case/patient information for such purposes; patient confidentiality will be maintained.

    Media-Release Opt-Out

    I, and/or , represent that I am the owner of the pet, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner(s) of the pet, that my agreement to the terms herein is binding against all other persons who may claim an interest in this pet.

    I have read the foregoing in its entirety. I have read the foregoing in its entirety. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and have had all of my questions answered. I understand my obligations and agree to the provisions contained herein.
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  • Should an emergency occur while your pet is under the care of Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, we must know your wishes for resuscitation so we can take appropriate measures to care for your pet. We place means of resuscitation into two levels; a do not resuscitate order (DNR) means we will not intervene with the natural course of death, in comparison to a Level 1 CPR, in which we perform chest compressions and use drugs to preserve an animal's life. Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center professionals understand the bond you have with your pet and wish to do our very best to care for them in your absence while hospitalized. We know that a decision of this magnitude is very difficult but for medical reasons, we must have you, as the owner, choose.
  • I, and/or , as

    the Owner Agent have reviewed the aforementioned information, and understand the terms of care. I, therefore, choose the following level:

    DNR: Do Not Resuscitate

    CPR Level 1: Standard chest compressions and ventilation
  • I, and/or , agree to emergent treatment to my pet in case such need arises during their treatment and/or stay at LVVSC.
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