What Our Clients Say

Please view this video testimonial from one of our many success stories at LVVSC. We are proud that Sugarbear is recovering and looks forward to more years of wonderful life with her owners.

My cat was losing weight and had multiple internal organ issues. They were very compassionate, recommending all the options and helping me pick the best one for my cat. They call to check up, call to give blood results, and are really just an A+ establishment. My cat’s doing better now, thanks to their staff and hard work. If you have a veterinary emergency or need a specialist for your animal – this is the place to go!

Matthew Runo

My dachshund had a herniated disc in his neck and it was either surgery or put him down. He was in agony. That was just over a week ago. Today he is like his old self again! Dr. Horstman was wonderful, as are all of the staff. Awesome talent and kindness.

Vicki Kent

The Veterinary Specialty Center is an amazing facility that treats many of your pets needs. Without the help of DR MASON I do not know where I would be now. My dog had a TPLO procedure done and after 2 weeks I took her in for a suture removal and DR Mason happened to be in the waiting room upon my arrival. He noticed my dog was walking awkwardly even after a surgery. He immediately ordered an Xray and sure enough the plate in her leg was beginning to come off. She was basically home for 2 weeks healing and without me knowing her bone was not healing any. I want to stress THIS WAS NOT THE FAULT OF THE SPECIALTY CENTER IN ANY WAY. It was a rare case however, without DR Masons knowledge, quick reactions, and aware of his surroundings, I am not sure when this would have been discovered. Not only is DR Mason an EXCELLENT surgeon he is an even better person. I can’t stress enough good things about this place from top to bottom the staff is unbelievable. If you have any doubts about the Specialty Center, feel free to rest at night that your pet is well taken care of. I can’t thank them all enough.

Mike Kostich

I can’t even begin to tell you how blown away I was by this hospital, our dog Buddy a Boxer had become paralyzed in his back legs we were sent here by our vet for futher treatments, we pulled up as close as we could to get our dog out so he wouldn’t have to struggle too much, my husband in the back trying to get our big dog out, he’s scared not knowing what’s going on & why he can’t use his legs anymore our poor dog was shaking so it made it harder to get him out. One of the employees saw this & rushed outside to help my husband & helped my dog walk as best he could all the way into the office! Come to find out it was the hospital administrator Dean Penniman, who manages the entire office, he saw us from inside & came to help! How nice is that! The entire staff treated my dog like their own, he wasn’t just another dog, the place was clean, no dog hair everywhere, they kept coming out & cleaning, & no urine smell either, I hate offices that you go to & you feel like you can’t breathe! I can’t thank them enough for the great care our buddy got!! Thank you!!!

Diana Lutes

My now 4 years old female Cane Corso had bone cancer in her front left leg. Dr. Horstman did the surgery to amputate her leg about 4 month ago. She wasn’t even in the hospital for 24 hours. The scar healed so fast… the staples came out 10 days later. She had no swelling or bruises. Dr. Horstman did a fantastic job. She is now faster than she was with 4 legs. LOL. If you ever have to go through this, do not hesitate to get your dog’s leg amputated. They are doing great with only 3 legs. My girl is so active…..I cannot thank Dr. Horstman enough for doing such an amazing job. From the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU Dr. Horstman and staff.

Cane Corso

After much research, I took my German Shepherd to LVVSC for a total hip replacement. I checked the vets here in California, but decided to make the 6 hour drive so that she could be seen by Dr. Mason. We are extremely happy we made that drive. Dr. Mason and the staff at LVVSC did everything in their power to explain what would happen, what needed to be done, and all rehab activities. Mila, our GSD, is now running and playing on her new hip. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Mason and LVVSC to anyone who really cares about their pets.

Robert McKinney

Dr. Vaughn and the entire staff at LVVSC have been amazing throughout our entire experience there. A lot of places have the “knowledge” to care for our pets, but not all have the “Heart.” You are treated as a valued customer every time you visit. Dr. Vaughn and the Staff have always been ready to talk and answer all of our questions, even when we repeat ourselves. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do.

Marc Raccioppo

I have been beyond impressed by the professionalism and caring nature of the staff at LVVSC. I have had two dogs now that were in need of Dr. Mason’s specialty skill sets, one in particular that was not an easy “fix.” I was amazed at how the entire facility supported us throughout our journey of healing. I want to say a special Thank You to Dr. Mason and the gals in Rehab…Thank You for being you, and doing what it is you do. Some may call it medicine, I call it magic. Leith Henry, Kona Kai, Hana Manu, and Axle too!

Dr. Horstman is amazing! He performed two knee surgeries on my chocolate lab, Trooper, three years ago and we will never forget the best care and love that Trooper received. He is a true professional. Now, Trooper needs another surgery and we will be using Dr. Horstman again – even though we no longer live in the area! After interviewing other vets and surgeons, Dr. Horstman is the only one we trust with Trooper. THANKS!

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