Want to see Bam Bam, the male African Lion we treated? Curious about our most recent wolf surgery? Please browse our photo galleries, which showcase some of our patients as well as some of the special cases that we see at LVVSC. And if you’d like to submit a pictures of your pet, please email us!

LVVSC Facilities Photo Gallery

Take a look at our facilities in this photo tour of LVVSC. Also check out the people and pets that make Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center great!

Dr. Mason Performs Mini Horse Surgery

Dr. Mason performed surgery on Peachy Lady, a 10 year old mini horse. She had a dislocated hip and was unable to put weight on her left hind leg. She was an excellent patient and is recovering well, already able to put some weight on that leg and use it. What a tough little girl!

 Post-operative Rehabilitation in our Underwater Treadmill

Post-operative Rehabilitation in our Underwater Treadmill.

 Equine Eye Surgery with Dr. Weinstein

Our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Weinstein, works with Desert Pines Equine Medical and Surgical Center. Their patient, Durango, had a large laceration on his eye. Dr. Weinstein did surgery to clean the edges of the wound and applied a contact lens to the eye to protect it.

Bam Bam, Male African Lion

Dr. Lyon (Internal Medicine) and Dr. Weatherton (VECC) saw an unusual patient recently, Bam Bam, an African lion. Bam Bam was very handsome and gentlemanly, but for everyone’s sake he was placed under anesthesia for his exam and diagnostics. Dr. Weinstein joined in to examine Bam Bam’s eyes as well. It was an exciting and unforgettable day for our team!

Capybara Surgery

Romeo the capybara came to the surgery department at LVVSC for a fracture repair. The capybara is related to the guinea pig, and an adult can weigh from 77 up to 150 pounds, and stand 20 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder. Romeo is just a little guy still, he has a lot of growing to do! Capybaras are very vocal and they can make dog-like barks. They are herbivores, and chew food by grinding back-and-forth rather than side-to-side. Romeo came through surgery with flying colors and is recovering nicely at home.

 Wolf Surgery

Dr. Mason also got to check up on a former patient who had a front limb amputation several years ago. Hasn\'t slowed him down one bit!

 Client Thank You′s

A collection of some of the thanks we have received from our clients.