James Quintana, MVZ, BS, LVT

Clinical Coordinator – Surgery, Ophthalmology, Neurology

As Clinical Coordinator, James’ primary responsibility is to act as the team leader for surgery, ophthalmology and neurology departments. In addition to fulfilling all the duties of a technician, James directs administrative support for the technicians in these three departments planning, delegating, and coordinating technician duties.

James chose this career at LVVSC to help strengthen his skill level and take on a more sophisticated role. He finds fulfillment in helping our clients have a better life with their pets and helping our patients have a better quality of life. A veterinary graduate from Mexico, James is working towards getting his equivalency in the U.S., through the U.S. board of veterinary medicine.

When he is not running half the hospital, you can find James playing his acoustic guitar, cooking at home, and involved in local Hispanic community activities. In the last couple of years he has also focused on physical fitness through jogging and strength building.

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